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20th Nov.

Free Money For UK Charities

Here at, we’re pleased to announce that until further notice, 50% of all commissions earned by us, via Amazon links, will be paid to the following UK charities.

This is how it works:

Everytime you want to make a purchase from Amazon UK, instead of going straight to the Amazon UK site, go via one of our Amazon UK links, like the ones below:

Just so you don’t forget:

Bookmark this page (if viewing in Firefox or Chrome) or add to your favourites (if viewing in Internet Explorer).

Rename the Leicester Bangs bookmark / favourite “AMAZON UK”.

All purchases made on Amazon UK via an external link earn commission between 2 and 10% (depending on the item bought and the volume of traffic a website generates).

As soon as we receive a payment, we write out a cheque for 50% of the total to one of the four UK charities listed above.

Click here to begin:

Thank you!