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L’Avventura - Your Star Was Shining (Elliptical Recordings)L'Avventura
I’m not sure I completely believe L’Avventura’s press release. The talk of meeting as buskers on the London underground a decade ago, before settling in San Francisco, lacks authenticity, and smacks of an overactive imagination on the part of the press agent. Still, there’s no doubting the claims of a Roxy Music influence. The Bryan Ferry affect is all over Your Star Was Shining, via various Britpop outfits such as Cockney Rebel, Soft Boys, Suede and Jack, with a twist of Camper Van Beethoven on the side - mainly the vocals. It’s not what you’d instantly describe as a San Francisco sound, but not to worry about that; those lines have been blurred, if not rubbed out altogether, and L’Avventura, with their (Mr.) soft vocals and grown-up strings, ooze sophisticated pop charm. As mentioned, lead vocalist Jeff Davis’ lilt owes some to David Lowery, though not enough to distract from an album which is impossible to dislike. Great songs are littered throughout. “Swandive” delivers the swagger that all opening tracks, by right, should. “Pretend You Don’t See Me”, cements their debt to UK pop writers, especially the raggedy glam of Jarvis Cocker’s classic Pulp. “Ms. Yugoslavia” even features a well placed Beatles refrain, and might possibly be the album’s highlight. Great stuff, and if any of the above is of interest, check out the band’s user friendly MySpace page:
Rob F.