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Plastic Inevitables - Technicolor Hand Fruit (Independent)
Recorded in December of 2010 in an old church in Cincinnati, Ohio; they claim it was so cold they had to play with their gloves on… I’m not sure that’s wholly believable, or even feasible. A garage band at heart, and probably in the truest sense of the term, Plastic Inevitables are doubtless used to the cold, and no-one make a record this good wearing wooly mitts.

Fronted by singer-guitarist Phillip Alexander, the band attack their songs with all the youthful gusto that might be expected by a trio of musicians barely out of High School. The album kicks of with “Delirious”, a stop-start rhythm (courtesy of Andrew Oliver on bass and drummer Robert Francis) provides plenty of structure for Alexander’s words and a killer vocal hook. They slow things down a mite on “Everything Grows Taller When The Sun Goes Down”, but not at the expense of raw power, and the result is a song that brings to mind a succession of great American bands, from The Cars to The Replacements, from The Other Kids to Husker Du, without sounding like any of them.

Decidedly lo-fi, but all the more engaging for its lack of gloss, “Technicolor Hand Fruit” will surely appeal to anyone who enjoys pop music played with genuine passion and enthusiasm over soulless technical proficiency.

Rob F.